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Welcome to the Official website of Super kids the biggest Selling African Kids Musical group Led by Adaeze Onyekwelu. The group Just Released the Superkids Vol 3 and making waves all over the World, With the huge success of Vol 1 & 2, The Volume 3 is packed with more action seeing a much older Adaeze & the rest of the Kids Performing to their Educative and Entertainment Music Videos. The 2017 newly released Volume 4 & 5 are out and it’s doing well the African markets & you can get Superkids Songs online too;

Adaeze Revelation Onyekwelu was born 24 of April 2007. She Loves to sing & Dance so her parents saw the talent and encouraged it.
MENTORSHIP  The mother Mrs favour Ngozi onyekwelu as a church chorister  Greatly influenced her in music. The father Mr. Ifeanyi onyekwelu a professional film director greatly contributed to her holistic artistic performance and stage confidence.The Family made a very big decision that lead to creation of the superkids which ever since has been the greatest educational & entertainment’s videos for young & old people. With their deep African rooted attires and dance steps has given them the edge over all other children musical groups in African. Their First single “Show me your dance step” was an instant hit all over African.


Adaeze Onyekwelu is Alive & Healthy

There have been series of questions & calls from family members & fans all over the world to ask whether Adaeze Onyekwelu , the young dazzling, amazing and multi-talented singer, dancer, song writer and entertainer from Nigeria is alive or dead. We have repeatedly told people she is alive and healthy since the rumour broke out in 2014. We still get the question is adeaze onyekwelu of superkids dead?

Luckily we have been able to use our Social Media platform like Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SuperKidsMusic/posts/552916071529107  “that Adaeze is not dead, we the superkids have told the world it’s not true. the rumour has been on for 3 years now (After our volume 1) we have released vol 2 & 3 and the Volume 4 will be released soon and you will see her in the videos. pls tell others. we receive tens to hundreds of calls everyday worldwide about this. She is alive and healthy”  We now posted a lot of recent pictures of Adaeze & other superkids members on their facebook page.

In the just released superkids Vols 4 which is doing very, we have included a skit from Adaeze herself to tell the superkids fans that she is not dead and she is alive and healthy, at least since then the calls has reduced and people were angry how on earth people can spread death rumour about Adaeze. During the heights of the rumour a lot of children called crying on the phone, school children in many schools cried in school when they heard the rumour. So we thank all of them for their concern & love for their role model & artist. Thank you all.



Superkids – Daddy


The Superkids – Back Again


The Superkids – Show Me Your Dance Step

The Superkids – Super Mama


Adaeze and Her Sister Daddy’s Girl.

Check out This New Pictures of Adaeze of The Superkids 

Adaeze performing in one of the new cultural song, go grab Vol 3 & 4 and watch it you will be amazed.